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New Pay Scales

New Pay Scales of Defence Forces Officers

The Ministry of Defence has notified the new paybands along with grade-pay and Military Service Pay for Defence Forces Officers following the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission.

(in Rs.)

PostPay BandGrade PayMilitary Service Pay #
Lieutenant / equivalent15600-3910054006000
Capt / equivalent15600-3910061006000
Major / equivalent15600-3910066006000
Lt. Col / equivalent15600-3910076006000
Colonel/equivalent @37400-6700087006000
Brigadier/equivalent @37400-6700089006000
Major Gen/equivalent37400-6700010000Nil*
Lt Gen / equivalent37400-6700012000Nil
Vice Chiefs and Army Cdr / equivalent80000 (fixed)NilNil
Service Chiefs90000 (fixed)NilNil

# No arears on account of Military Service Pay shall be payable. 
 The element of Military Service Pay shall be taken on account for purposes of fitment at the time of promotion from Brigadier/equivalent to Major General / equivalent.
@ Colonels and Brigadiers to be placed in the Revised Pay Band IV (Rs. 37400-67000/-)

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