Hi, my name is Ashvani Kumar Shukla. I have been recommended by 20 SSB Bhopal on 27 april 2013. For the SSB interview I took guidance from Maj Gen.Ranjit Singh SSB Guidelines, Gurgaon. Here I improved a lot under Maj Gen Ranjit Singh sir himself. Psychological test,which are considered hardest by candidates, were conducted everyday and the copies were checked infront of us and we were told about the mistakes and how to improve them. And after 3-4 tests almost all of my mistakes were corrected. This practice also helped me in time management and I completed all the WATs and SRTs in SSB. In the Interview in SSB the tips given here helped very much. Sir also taught us yoga and golf facilities were also available. Which filled the blanks in my PIQ Form. My communication skill increased by the number of lecturettes and group discussion conducted here. Overall it helped me a lot and credit to my success goes to academy and the learned faculty of the academy who guided me.

Ashvani Kumar Shukla