It is a 10+2 job for unmarried male candidates. It is a technical entry as an Airman in the Indian Air Force. For the eligibility criteria, the candidate must have passed the intermediate (10+2) level from a recognized board of education with English, Mathematics, and Physics.

The selection procedure consists of three phases respectively. The first phase comprises Online Tests, followed by the second phase which consists of the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Adaptability Test-1 and Adaptability Test-2. The last phase or phase 3 consists of Medical Examination designated at Medical Boarding Centre (MBC).

Interview in Indian Air Force (Group X-Y)

In Indian Air Force, the candidate has to, first of all, clear the written test conducted by the Airman Selection Board. After the clearance, the board will assess the personality of the candidate and test his suitability for selection as an Airman.

Further, the interviewing officer comes to a judgment regarding the candidate’s mental ability. Each and every doubt will be given a green or red flag, by making use of their unique interviewing techniques. A board of experts interviews the candidate with an aim to access his personal abilities and suitability for providing the service or services he has applied for.

The interviewing authority will also have a record of the individual candidate’s career. The interviewer intends to judge the intellectual quality of the candidate and assess his social traits as well as the level of his awareness of his surroundings. The I.Q level, mental alertness, power of analysis, assimilation, logical exposition, the balance of judgment and moral integrity are some of the signification traits of the personality of the candidates that are taken into consideration during the interview process.

However, the technique of interview should not be considered as a very difficult cross-examination. Most of the candidates tend to develop a fear out of their anxiety. It is just a conversation, a natural thought-provoking and purposeful talk which intends to bring out the tendencies of a candidate. Moreover, the personal interview is not at all meant to test the candidate’s knowledge in a particular subject or field or his general knowledge.

Objectives of the Interview

The following points are taken into consideration during the time of the interview. At General Ranjit Academy, we aim to polish and enhance the following qualities in a candidate:

  1. Personality – The characteristics and quality of a person or the quality which makes a person unique from others forms his personality. It is one of the most important aspects of a candidate which is analyzed by the interviewers.
  2. Aptitude – With the help of the interview process, the experts assess the aptitude of candidates. Through different tests, it is determined whether the candidate can be a good soldier or not.
  3. General awareness – The most important part is to be active and aware of one’s surroundings. The tests do not demand the candidate to be a walking encyclopedia but he must have the answers for the day to day happenings.

General Ranjit Academy

General Ranjit Academy is one of the best training institutes that provides coaching and guidance to prepare the candidates for entries in Defense and Paramilitary forces such as SSB 2019, CDS and NDA. Our trained experts aim to improve a candidate’s Physical Appearance and fitness. Their mental abilities are improved and they are taught social adjustment. Through different activities, we enhance their stamina for their eligibility in the Physical Fitness Test. We boost their self-confidence and courage to pass the tests with flying colors. Candidates can join our course anytime. We have also made hostel facilities available for them.