Six days can be enough to make a huge difference in your life. It can be a turning point for your dreams and your career. Mentally, you may be all set, but physically, you need to make an effort to build yourself. You need to be consistent and systematic with your fitness schedule to stand a chance to qualify. The critical question is, when and how should you start your preparation for the SSB Physical Test and when you should stop? All these answers are subjective and entirely dependent upon your schedule, efforts, abilities and work ethics.

SSB Physical Training

About SSB Physical Test:

The actual physical tests in SSB have some sort of outdoor tasks and a group task. These tasks test your ability to make fast decisions along with your actual physical strength. Other than the group tasks, the SSB physical test will also include an obstacle course which will really check your preparation that you have done for the tests. Usually, there will be 10 obstacles and a time limit to complete the courses. However, do note that there are no physical tests involved in the SSB interviews itself.  The physical tests are only conducted for selection of Sailors, Airmen, and Sepoys. They are not undertaken for officers. However, medical fitness is mandatory. Some types of medical checks are- ear tests, eye test, pulse, blood test, urine test, spine test, and blood pressure.

How to be prepared for SSB Physical test

So below are some of the things you can do to be fully equipped for SSB Physical test.

  • Gather all the Information

First of all, you need to gather all the essential and essential information that you possibly can that is related to the armed force’s position you have applied for. This might include information such as the commands, camp rules, recent procurements, etc.

Command task, group planning and individual tasks taking place

Command task, group planning and individual tasks taking place

  • Practice Continuously

Apart from gathering information, continue to practice for your interview, psychological tests and lectures before starting to exercise for the physical examination. Many articles and videos on the internet give you the general idea.

  • Exercise

You can also request your regular gym trainer to help you out in your training. Begin your fitness regime by starting with mild jogging to warm up your body and then advance that into stamina building exercises.

  • Keep your Body at check

Start small because your body needs to adapt to the amount of exercise you are planning to do. Getting into shape takes quite a long time, so make sure you start early. Warming up helps you build your strength and stamina for the harder exercises and also the long duration of the tests in SSB physical tests. The ground tasks of the analysis are complicated and require a decent level of fitness.


So, if you have a decent record of physical and medical stamina, or you want to build yourself up with all these abilities, you can visit the General Ranjit academy. We are also continually recruiting young and healthy men who will be transformed into strong and driven men after undergoing rigorous training in the academy. Physical tests are nothing to worry about. You can manage to clear all the tasks no matter how difficult they depend on the sheer determination and spirit you manage to bring into the field after proper preparation. Clubbed with the efforts you put along with our training. And with all this on your side, you can be easily prepared for any type of Physical tests.