SSB, NDA, CDS guidance for all entries in Defence Forces and ParaMilitary Forces

SSB procedure

Routine At SSB

1. Introduction.
The task of Services Selection Board is to select the suitable/potential leaders amongst the aspiring candidates who possess the requisite officer like qualities most commonly known as OLQs. It is universal truth that all men are born equal but no two men are alike because of the individual differences, genes and different environments, hence, all the candidates will respond differently to the situations presented to them by the three assessors. The testing team comprises of the following:
(a) The Interviewing Officer which comprises of the President (Brig/MajGen) and the Deputy President (Col).
(b) The Group Testing Officers most commonly known as GTOs (Lt Col) who are three to four including one Senior GTO with each board.
(c) There may be four psychologists in each board including one Technical Officer (Lt Col). Thus the total number of officers in one Selection Board may be around ten.

Programme Of Activities
2. The programme of activities at the SSBs is for six days including the screening test (Stage I testing), which is held on the 2nd day. The candidates are received by the representative of the SSB at the railway station and are accommodated in the SSB area only. Their boarding and lodging is free during their stay at the SSB. On the day of reporting, filling up of PIQ form (Refer chapter 22 on PIQ form), documentation and batch formation will be done. After the screening test which is held on the second day of the reporting, those who are rejected are dropped back at the railway station and the remaining are distributed into groups of eight to ten in each group for their GTO tasks. However, the psychological tests for all the candidates are held together. Chest numbers are also allotted to the candidates and all the candidates are addressed only by their chest numbers which they are required to put on all the times at the SSB. There is also a group photograph on the 1st day itself and the candidates may order a copy of the same. They are also addressed by the President/Deputy President or any other officer designated. He generally covers the routine at the SSB and DO’s and DON’Ts, so ensure that you follow the rules carefully.

3. The details of their six days programme are as under:

First day:
(a) Filling up of PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) form.
(b) Filling in the personal particulars in forms supplied by SSB.
(c) Grouping of candidates and allotment of chest numbers.

Second day: Screening Test or Stage I Testing.
(a) Intelligence Tests.
(b) PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test).

Third day: Psychologist’s tests.
(a) Intelligence Tests (Both Verbal and Non-Verbal).
(b) Story Writing Tests (TAT � Thematic Apperception Tests).
(c) Word Association Test (WAT).
(d) Situation Reaction Test (SRT).
(e) Self-Description Tests.

Fourth day: GTO Tasks and Interviews.
(a) Group Discussion.
(b) Military Planning.
(c) Progressive Group Tasks.
(d) Inter Group Obstacle Race or Snake Race.
(e) Half Group Task.
(f) Individual Obstacles.
(g) Interview of some candidates by President/Deputy President.

Fifth day: GTO Tasks and Interviews.
(a) Final Group Task.
(b) Lecturette.
(c) Command Task.
(d) Interview of the remaining candidates.
Note: If necessary, some candidates are interviewed in the evening.

Sixth day:
Final Board conference is held and the results are announced. Each candidate appears for a couple of minutes before the entire Board assembled in the Conference room. Here he is asked a few general questions (for details refer chapter 28 of conference). Those who are selected are asked to stay for 4 to 5 days for their medical.